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EquiSolute Visible Care

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Effective fungal, eczema, thrush and anti- itch treatment with only natural ingredients.

  • Direct effect on fungal infections
  • Direct effect on (summer) eczema
  • Direct effect on thrush
  • Itch relief caused by skin irritations
  • Kills the bad bacteria
  • Disinfects the skin completely
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Makes the coat astonishingly soft, healthy and shiny
  • Also suitable for material disinfection
  • Preventive treatment is recommended

Instructions for use: Spray daily to the affected skin for 7 days.
Visible result after 7 days!

Why EquiSolute Visible Care?

Fungal infections are a common cause of skin disorders in horses. An annoying and difficult condition to oppose.

The skin usually recovers within 1 to 3 months, but in the meantime it is very contagious to humans and animals. The recovery can go much faster with EquiSolute Visible Care.

Does your horse suffer from a (persistent) fungal infection? Use EquiSolute Visible Care to solve this problem quickly and easily.

No complicated washes, but an easy-to-use spray that is suitable for both the horse and the materials.

Is your horse itching? Itching can have many causes, such as lice, mites or (summer) eczema. Thanks to the powerful, natural formula of EquiSolute Visible Care, these problems are preterit.

EquiSolute Visible care kills the bacteria, disinfects the skin completely and has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, EquiSolute Visible Care makes the skin healthy, supple, soft and shiny.

EquiSolute Visible Care is not only suitable for skin disorders and itching, it also has a very good effect on thrush. EquiSolute Visible Care prevents and remedies thrush by supporting the healing capacity of the frogs. Due to the unique disinfecting effect, the frogs will heal faster than ever before. EquiSolute Visible Care has a drying effect without drying out and makes the frogs more resistant to moisture and dirt.

EquiSolute Visible care ensures a healthy elasticity of the frog and let thrush disappear

250 ML
1tje Visible Care Horse-Max-Quality
€ 42,00
750 ML
3tje Visible Care Horse-Max-Quality
€ 84,00

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Lavindin Grosso
Coconut oil
Rosemary extract
Orange oil
Potassium carbonate
Tea tree oil
Omega fatty acids

Get the best out of your horse with EquiSolute!

Fast & powerful effect