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EquiSolute Sport

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Boost for sport horses

  • Higher energy level
  • Stronger and fitter
  • Less rapid acidification
  • Faster recovery
  • Natural ingredients


Powerful energy booster for sport horses!

To keep your sport horse strong and fit, only the best is good enough. This certainly applies to the food. Therefore, give your horse EquiSolute Sport. This liquid food supplement, specially developed for sport horses, ensures that your horse does not acidify so quickly and recovers faster. EquiSolute Sport is the perfect natural energy booster to take your horse to a higher level!  

Try EquiSolute, it works!

The power of EquiSolute Sport

  • Your horse becomes stronger and more energetic
  • Effective against acidification
  • Faster recovery after training and competition
  • Unique composition with natural ingredients
1 month
30 servings
N1tje sport-Max-Quality (1)
€ 2,63 Per serving
€ 79,00
3 months
90 servings
N3tje sport-Max-Quality (2)
€ 1,63 Per serving
€ 147,00
6 months
180 servings
N6tje sport-Max-Quality (2)
€ 1,37 Per serving
€ 246,00

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Who is EquiSolute Sport for?

EquiSolute Sport is suitable for all horses used for sport. From young horses which are being trained for their first competition to horses which have been competing for years at major competitions and events. Every sport horse, at every level and in every branch of sport, deserves the support of EquiSolute Sport.

Why EquiSolute Sport works so well

The secret of EquiSolute Sport lies in its unique composition. The supplement contains natural ingredients such as maca, Irish moss, fennel and wu wei si, but also numerous vitamins, minerals and the body's own hyaluronic acid. The way in which all these components are brought together, the so-called fermentation process, is decisive for the powerful effect against acidification, among other things.


Mix one 10 ml (0.34 oz) spoonful with the feed daily. Shake well before use. Store EquiSolute Sport in the refrigerator..


Per dosage * Per 300 Ml
Maca (Lepidium peruvianum chacon)
180 MG
5400 MG
Irish moss
140 MG
4200 MG
Wu wei zi
124 MG
3720 MG
120 MG
3600 M
Vitamin E
97 MG
2910 MG
Vitamin C
89,8 MG
2694 MG
Hyaluronic acid
84 MG
2520 MG
Vitamin D
44 MG
1320 MG
Fennel (Foeniculum vulgar)
38,8 MG
1164 MG
14 MG
420 MG
Steviol glycosides
8,2 MG
246 MG
7 MG
210 MG
Vitamin B6
4,6 MG
138 MG

* one spoon of 10 ml

Get the best out of your horse with EquiSolute!

Fast & powerful effect