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Healthy sperm: Improving your stallion’s fertility

Whether your stallion(s) breed by live cover or have their semen collected for artificial insemination, it’s important for them to produce powerful and healthy sperm.

Your stallion needs to be strong and healthy in order to produce healthy sperm. In addition to forage and grain, stallions can benefit from dietary supplements that support their reproductive capabilities.

We believe in healthy stallions and therefor created a supplement with not only the best ingredients to optimize the sperm, but to stimulate the whole immune system of your stallion.

Your stallion will not only improve his sperm quality, but he will get an immune stimulation and his muscles will develop faster!

EquiSolute OptiSperm Horse prevents and resolves:

  • Bad sperm quality
  • Boost resistance to cold shock for shipped semen
  • Low fertilization capacity
  • High numbers of dead or abnormal sperm in a number of species
  • Low motility
1 month
30 servings
1tje OptiSperm Horse-Max-Quality
€ 4,17 Per serving
€ 125,00
3 months
90 servings
3tje OptiSperm Horse-Max-Quality
€ 2,73 Per serving
€ 246,00
6 months
180 servings
6tje OptiSperm Horse-Max-Quality
€ 2,20 Per serving
€ 396,00

Why EquiSolute OptiSperm works?

The combination of powerful ingredients makes our product different from other sperm optimizers. EquiSolute OptiSperm makes your stallion stronger and healthier than ever before. That’s why EquiSolute OptiSperm works!

Besides the vitamins C, D and E, Maca has proven to increase sperm production, concentration, and motility. Supplements with natural-source vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, improves sperm quality.

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Mix EquiSolute OptiSperm with food or directly into the horses mouth.

Dosage: once per day a 10 ML dose of the supplement. Spoon supplied. One bottle contains 300 ML and will last for 1 month.


Description Per dosage (one spoon of 10 ml) Per 300 ML
Curcuma 1940 Mg 116.400 Mg
(Lepidium peruvianum chacon)
372,4 Mg 22.344 Mg
Iers mos
(Chondrus cripus)
310,4 Mg 18.624 Mg
Pygeum africanum 285 Mg 17.100 Mg
(Foeniculum vulgar)
93,8 Mg 1.400 Mg
Vitamin D 87,4 Mg 5.244 Mg
Wu wei sir 52,2 Mg 3.132 Mg
Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. 50 mg 3.000 Mg
Vitamin C 44 Mg 2.640 Mg
Vitamin E 30 Mg 1.800 Mg
Iron 12,6 Mg 756 Mg
Zinc 10 Mg 600 Mg
Vitamin B6 4,86 mg 291,6 Mg

Get the best out of your horse with EquiSolute!

Fast & powerful effect