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EquiSolute Healthy horse Shampoo

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EquiSolute Healthy horse Shampoo

EquiSolute Healthy horse Shampoo is the largest innovation in the field of equine shampoo with the main aim to remedy and prevent all kinds of diseases in and on the coat and skin of horses.

EquiSolute Healthy horse Shampoo prevents and resolves

  • Mud fever
  • Mud rash
  • Greasy heel
  • Scratches
  • Fungal infections

These conditions are caused by a variety of skin conditions including viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections. Horses in excessively wet or muddy environments are at greater risk of getting skin problems.

There are many aspects involved in maintaining a healthy coat and skin. Next to the fact that a healthy coat and skin is related to a healthy diet and can be supplemented with for example EquiSolute Total Care there are more things you can do to get and keep a healthy skin and coat.

A regular wash stimulates the skin's circulation, removes dirt and old hair and distributes the skin oil evenly over the coat, keeping your horse's coat looking its best! EquiSolute Healthy horse shampoo has a powerful disinfecting effect, kills the bad bacteria and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, EquiSolute healthy horse shampoo makes the skin and coat healthy, supple, soft and shiny.

Regular washing with EquiSolute Healthy Horse Shampoo will amazingly help to keep unwanted nasty conditions at bay or to remedy them in the short term

Our combination of ingredients penetrates deep into the skin and coat during washing.

250 ML
1tje Healthy Shampoo Horse-Max-Quality
€ 39,00
750 ML
3tje Healthy Shampoo Horse-Max-Quality
€ 69,00

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  • Apply EquiSolute Healthy Horse Medical Shampoo undiluted on wet coat
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • In case of problems use EquiSolute Healthy Horse Medical Shampoo daily until resolved.


Orange oil
Palma Rosa oil
Potassium carbonate
Eucalyptus oil
Pine oil
Seaweed extract
Rosemary extract
Lavindin Grosse
Cedarwood oil
Kunzea oil
Hazel extract
Aloe Vera extract
Frankincense oil
Blue Cypress oil
Rapeseed oil
Natural derived Vitamin E oil


Get the best out of your horse with EquiSolute!

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