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Natural medical spray for skin problems

Itching, fungus, infections, eczema. Your dog's coat and skin have to put up with a lot sometimes. In many cases, the problem goes away with time, but why should you let your dog suffer for so long? All the more so because the condition is often contagious! With DogSolute Coat & Skin, your dog will be relieved of their complaints much more quickly. You will notice visible results after just seven days!

Why DogSolute Coat & Skin?

  • Direct effect in case of fungal infections
  • Direct effect in case of (summer)eczema
  • Relieves itching caused by skin irritations
  • Kills bad bacteria
  • Disinfects the skin completely
  • Fights infections
  • Makes the skin soft, healthy and shiny
  • Also suitable for disinfecting objects
  • Preventive treatment is recommended
100 ML
N1tje CoatSkin Dog-Max-Quality
€ 25,00
300 ML
N3tje CoatSkin Dog-Max-Quality
€ 48,00

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Quick and easy

Naturally, you do not want your dog to suffer from itching and/or pain as a result of skin or coat problems. But treating them is not always easy. For example, when the disinfectant is a shampoo. Washing a dog with an irritated, painful skin is no easy task! With DogSolute Coat & Skin, you do not have to bother with any of this. DogSolute Coat & Skin is an easy-to-use spray, which you apply quickly and simply. Your dog hardly notices it. You can also use the spray to disinfect items.

Effective, powerful effect

With DogSolute Coat & Skin, itching, eczema, fungi and infections disappear like snow in the sun. The 100% natural formula has a powerful effect with fast results. The effect is multiple: fungi and bacteria are killed, the skin is completely disinfected and infections are reduced. With visible results after only seven days! Moreover, DogSolute Coat & Skin makes your dog's coat healthy, soft, supple and shiny. Preventive use of DogSolute Coat & Skin is highly recommended.


Spray DogSolute Coat & Skin on a daily basis on the affected parts of your dog's skin and/or coat. For preventive use, you can also apply the spray daily.


TEA-Lauryl Sulfate
Rosemary extract 
Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Potassium carbonate
Orange oil
Rosemary extract
Cocamide DEA
Omega fatty acids
Lavindin Grosso

Get the best out of your dog with DogSolute Might Shampoo!

Fast & powerful effect