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Broad-spectrum CBD for dogs.

Utilising whole-plant extraction means we filter out all unnatural substances to maximise CBD concentration, with 0% THC guaranteed. And each and every product is third-party lab tested for certified quality, every time. 

Why DogSolute Restful?

  • Calming mood-balancing supplement;
  • Reduces anxiety;
  • Positive effect on the physical and mental well-being of your dog;
  • Effective with joint problems, allergies and skin disorders.
1 month
30 servings
1tje Restful Dog-Max-Quality
€ 1,30 Per serving
€ 39,00
3 months
90 servings
3tje Restful Dog-Max-Quality
€ 0,77 Per serving
€ 69,00
6 months
180 servings
6tje Restful Dog-Max-Quality
€ 0,63 Per serving
€ 114,00

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Almost every animal, including your dog, creates cannabinoids itself. These active substances, produced by the body, are important for processes such as appetite, pain experience, sleep, mood and memory. If your dog does not produce enough cannabinoids, this will have a disruptive effect on these processes. With CBD oil you bring your dog physically and mentally back into balance.


Mix one spoon (in package) per day into the dog feed.


Hemp Seed Oil

Get the best out of your dog with DogSolute Restful!

Fast & powerful effect